Monday, December 13, 2010

syg betol la ngan kau org..

bile anda rase mcm sunyi kan..
anda pun bukak phone...
yeay!ade msg..
anda mesti gembira..
sbb sy gembira...haha

the best part of this week is dat i went to genting..
yess we go there..
n by seriously..
x penah ok nek kete sampai ke puncak tu...besenye abah parking kat hotel sri mesia tu je..
pastu nek kete kebel..katenye bahaye..
time kaseh ye yg bwk sy..
jauhari razali(wahh...first time name kau nek blog aku ni...)..*kenkonon ade la org tepok...haha
time kaseh....haha

n2...time kaseh yg sgt2 kat 2 org ni..
satu kerdel satu kecil..
elok lah tu..
buahaha...walaupun yg kecil x brani ye nek space shot kerdel brani sungguh...haha
tp jelas la kelihatan si kerdel tu tkt time nek ntah mende ntah name kete laju tu..
hahah...kate kecil muke si kerdel tu jelas la tkt x tau..
sy dgn dgn joe sgt gembira ye duduk di blakang..
ape kerdel dan kecil ni...haha
tp dats was the best moment..
n2..kami gagal mendapatkan bebear...haha

dr pukul 10 pagi(konon) sampai lah 10 mlm..haha was fun...sgt!
sudah..end dis...haha
time kaseh anith shafinas and annuar basharudin and jauhari razali..
u guys really make my day..
n2..part di bwh hujan tu..hahah...
sgt indah dan sweet..

seriously..sgt cintakan korang dats the word..


btw..da lame x update...maklum

u smile i smile

yes...i loooooooooveee u

pendek but it is true

Saturday, October 9, 2010


im back..

ok..last week i when to perak.. uitm..
oh i miss those uptown, la la land, studio n wutsoever lah
n the most..
yes of course..
im happy coz can meet my very2 best2 friend..
yess..its u...haha..u know who u r..
despite all the controversial creates by those stupid students..yes..u i means u..
PART 2..everything was fine..
n also minus those PA system probs..
i think everything ok..
i am touched when i know..
my friends..which is u lah..kechique garfield..had a barbeque just because i went there.
seriously im touched.
thanks 4 my old roomies..
syafiq, tojik,haikal, n those new friends..which is hakim(abg hannah montana),hemm...cant remember his name..but..die wat lawak plg best..haha
eh2...tq awk...terharu..hehe
beside...i can gather with all my besties..
although not complete..
yes..because acap!...yes u were not there..
n im mad at u...hehe
no lah..u trapped in a its ok..
after all...
good job PART 3...
just...i think u guys can do so much better..
maybe lack of cooperation between part...yes i know..u guys got no support from PART 2..
well...wut to do..
only fucker doing those fucking shit things kan..
so..sep sikit budak part 3...SEP!...hehe

wutever it is..
i miss to go back there..
i miss to stay awake till 7 am..just to chatting with my besties..
i miss u lah..

i think dats all lah..
i want to pray!...hahha


juni haikal adnan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

always missing u

coz u always there 4 me..
even in my worst or my best
dats y i luv u so much..


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a piece of forgiveness

ramdhn will lieave us just bout another 2 days from now.
n 4 sure kids out there r the happiest person on earth coz excited to celebrate eid. just remind me bout those days..
the day when eid is everything we were waiting 4 every year.
is not like now im not excited to celebrate it..
it just everything seems differ when my nanny not here anymore
starting from dat moment..eid is not like wut it used to be
i miss my wan(grannies) so much...
the way she talk..laugh..sit after finished her prayer..cooks..
i miss to scream at her when i arrived at kpg..
'wan....juni da blk...'
n i can see the happiness face from her face.

it has been 4 eid without her.
just miss her so badly

so..during dis month..
i just want to ask a forgiveness from all of u guys
everyone did a do i
especially my dearest friends
i dont have dat much friends..
but u guys who always stick with me.. just feel great to be surrounded by a group of people dat u luv the most

ijat: sori if theres any mistakes i did 2 u..haha..but u r kind..never mad at me..=)
u such a lovable friends..ok simply says..such a great sis..luv u..

amirah: hah..dont know y lately i miss u da most..y ha...haha..sori if theres any mistakes i did 2 wrong grammar usage, spelling..haha..joke2..ejek2 u ngan abg cami is
just a joke kayh..hehe.. u really sweet sis..

fizan: haha..u r one of my greatest company u know..haha..sorri if something i did make u mad
with last sem..not spending time with u..sorri 4 just sometimes i
i dont realise it..i hope u forgive me..n also at office..sometime i dont realise wut i did
was sorri k..sorri sgt2..kau selalu wat keje2 aku yg x siap tu kan..baek gile dowh
kau..sorri..bout everything la..sorri

adzain: hey u..big brother..i miss u la..hehe..sorri weh if something i did to u make u mad or
sad maybe..u r one of the kindest friend i ever met..tell me..who can send someone frm
Pj drive to gombak, bandr tun razak, putrajaya...u babe..u..thanks 4 being my brother.
n sorri bout everything happen in da past..should not be mention here kot..sorri coz
not spend more time with u b4..but wut i can say here..u r such a nice person..

diyana: haha...hey u..sori if i ever did wrong with u..sorri..sorri to say u fat or wut so eva
is just a matter wut will u be later on..i still one of ur best friend..sori bout
last sem..if i ever mad at u..sorri..n sorri coz always interrupting u sleep asked u to
accompanied me at uptown while im eating..sorri..i really luv to share my problems
with u..coz u r a good listener..thanks D

diza: i think i did so much wrong with u..but seriously i didnt mean it..u know one thing..u r
da kindest gurl i ever met..always know when im sad, not in mood n so on..sorri 4
everything..u did so much to me..practical, drive me to office, so much...i really appriciate
it..n sorri 4 everything la.. i know i did so much wrong with u..u r so kind kind..
sorri coz always burden u with my problems n all...sorri..sorri sgt2...just sorri..i dont think
i can pay back wut u did to me...sorri..thanks 4 being my caring2 friend..sgt hargai

acap: u...i miss u so much..sorri 4 everything dat happened between us last sorri..
sorri coz always make u mad with my attitude..sorri coz cant make it to do practical with
u..sorri coz being so bossy sometimes..u always be my best friend forever..sometime i just
wish i will not leaving uitm perak coz i dont know wut is like to not be with u..huhu
i just miss u..n sorri 4 evry single sorri..u...tq coz being one of my greatest friend
ever..i just missing u so much..u..even we r so far...i hope im so near with u...

cami: although i just know u better last sem...but i think it is long enough to know u..sorri 4
everything i did..sorri coz alway make u segan when we were hanging out...but to be
serious..i luv to make u segan...hehe..sorri...sorri coz always kacau2 u ngan mirah tu..
alah2...gurau2 kanak2 comel..sorri coz sometime i dont get it wut ur really condition at
every particular moment..hehe..sorri...n thanks 2 coz u never not replying my sms..

finas: hah..kau plg last..hehe...i just want u to know..i luv u so much2...sorri if i ever did wrong
to u...sorri...but i think...u r da one who really understand much...coz..not everyone
really understand me..thanks 4 dat...sorri if i ever hurt u...but i think..i never hurt u..hehe.
it just im so glad to knowing u..thanks coz u always there 4 me..thank u 4 being my best
partner n my best girlfriend..just thanks 4 wut u did..i miss u

kechique: awk..not being with u dis sem really hurt me da most..2 not be able looking 4 ur
health n condition make me so worries..but i know..u can manage urself well..awk
sorri if i ever did wrong with u.. i know...lots...u know sumthing...awk la kwn yg plg sbr
ngan sy..u never ever mad at me..nevr..n..u know wut to do if im not in a good mood..
thank 4 dat...sorri awk if im causing u so much a scale 1-10 4 a great friend..
u r 10...i mean 11..u r so nice to nice..layan je pangai2 ngarut sy...tq awk..sorri
coz i think i did so much wrong with u..but u nevr complaining apetah lg marah..never.
thanks coz being my best boyfriend...u teach me so much bout all dis life,..seriously..
without u realise it...i learn so much from u...thanks awk...sgt, sgt, sgt...

u guys r the reason y i still at dat gurun sahara,..
semoga Allah je yg ble bls sume yg korang da wat utk sy..
my pray is always with u guys..

so 4 dis raye...i hope i can become a better person..
i just want to be muhammad juni haikal without pretending being someone else who im not.

korang sume..hope u guys enjoy raye ni.

i LOVE u guys

muhammad juni haikal adnan

Monday, August 30, 2010


y theres nothing much i can write here

am i loosing my talent in gossiping just a phase where im no longer care bout everything happen around me

burggghhh longer care bout anything

Sunday, August 22, 2010


life is so funny

u know y
sometime u just love them but after certain time..u hate them

u need to pretend like nothing happen but inside u..
everything is a mess

u need to be good to someone who never try to be good with u
da...dis is funny

dats y i just hate myself coz lets those people live inside my heart
just dont think im stupid coz u r da one who stupid to not realize dat im da one who knew wut was happening when u thought i donno..
ha..dis is funny


Monday, August 16, 2010

thanks god 4 sending me, u

i make it secret..
i make it surprise..

n i just want u 2 know dat..
i miss every single second dat i count with u.
full stop.

juni haikal adnan
{to my beloved loved friend}

Sunday, August 8, 2010



Thursday, August 5, 2010

ko sgt membencikan..

aku benci kimak name kith@keth@kit@keith
ko mmg kimak.

hishh..aku x tau la ko ni manusia jenis ape..
ko same je ngan MENDE..

yg x phm..x yah phm..
yg phm...
ayuh laknat mereke...wakaka

Monday, August 2, 2010

ade masalah?

i dont even care wut u want in urlife
i dont even care with who you want in ur life..

plis..get a life..

i hv my own precious life dat i really need to care of..

junihaikal is back..muhahahahahaha...(glk sampai guling2 nih)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

wut a life


nice place
nice officemate
nice life
nice door
nice card
nice bakery
nice mamaks
nice friends
nice job
nice autocad
nice 3dmax
nice simpang kat tepi office
nice parking lot

all nice
n nothing much can say

living like this make me feel like interior design was all i ever wanted
come kak kelly clarkson..nyanyi ckit..haha

but my old life at perak..i mean uitm la kan..
was everything i wish 4 everyday
kechique...sem dpn kite hangout slalu ye..=(

ok...enough with the sad envy..
let kickin

ok people..
da seminggu da x mencoret kat ats helaian maya ni..
mule la tgn tu cam gtal je kan..
ni tgh garu la ni
celah2 die tu cam gatal ckit
sy kat shah alam ye people..
so yg x tau tu sila take note
salin skang...salin2
..aku ckp salin!!!!!!..

haaaa.reti pun
but i work at PJ..

weekend blk putrajaya
so...sape yg nk jumpe tu..wat appointment dulu..
call my secretary
bukan ape..skang ni sebook..ache2..
haha office is beside the aman suria..
jemput la dtg..
my house at seksyen 7...kat area entrance ict jln blkang tu..dkt ngan uitm
kalo putrajaya lak..precint 17..
buat appointment dulu..

wei2...nape cam perut ni rase cam nk mengeluarkan isi..
k la..
sebelum die tekelua baek aku kua..

k la..

Friday, July 9, 2010

kangen deh

dis is my third day working at fizz since the first dat i came..

4 dis three days..i think everything was good..
and the condition here is so damn happening..
people here r very nice..
beside being with adiza n afizan..all is a blast..

wut more could i ask..
haha da other hand..
ya...i miss uitm perak..
not da uitm exactly but the people n the air there..

ofkoss kechique..
puan jijie..
cik kie..

i think dis three people really mean a lot to me..
pakguard?hell no
acik kafe?
ya..sort of since she always gv me discount..
a little bit..since im not very close with them but some of them i think im close..
ya...should i need la..sape2 yg aku tego tu kire rapat la..
u guys know..

hemm..but really miss dis people so much

and the air there..
is not the 'air' as in the 'air'

it is the envy there..
i miss da moment when me and my 9th frens lepaking at uptown,studio n more..
rindu gile..
i miss when im boraking with kechique at b118
i miss when i cant finish my work and need to submit it by 9am

xpe2..nnt free1 lwt la..

eh2..kene siapkan autocad ni..


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

klip2 gamba..oink2

abg ajib: ko ltk la gamba ckit kat la menarik ckit
diriku yg manis da n baek hati ini: mls nk tunggu die upload..
*tibe2 terfikir jua...betul gak..gile bosan blog aku..da mcm blog berita harian da..

trus grab macbook yg tersadai di tepian lantai..
* la..

3 jam kemudian..
cam best gak dpt upload..

skali lg..grab macbook yg terlantar di bwh tv..
trus merajinkan diri..

maka tercetusla idea..
menampal gamba di carpet blog ni

name konsep gamba ni...
mereke dan die yg sgt penting dlm idop sy di uitm perak yg panas dan pak guard nye cam bodo ckit ditambah pula lauk kat uptown yg cam ntah pape..n rule yg cam ntah pape gak..serta mempunyai roundabout kt dpn bidara..ha..
dan2 fakulti yg cam jauh gile babsss...kalo jalan tuh kompem la sampai je studio ketiak da mcm shower pastu trus kene amek deodorant pastu selet2 kat celah2 tu pastu kene marah ngan lecturer sbb lambat sampai..
pastu kene tahan dgn guard sbb kale rambut..pastu die saman..

hoi2...da2..nk tunggu ko abes describe minggu dpan pun ko lelah nk abeskan..
nh la..tgk je la...

die yg sgt sy syg
mereka yg sy sgt bahagia jika bersama
mereka yg kalo kentut pun halal je..hehe
mereka yg baek sgt bg sy bilik..hehe
dia yg baek dan amek brt sgt2 pasal sy..hehe
die yg jd teman rapat sy sampai bile2..sampai syurga ku menunggu..ache...haha
mereka yg sy x malu kalo jumpe x mandi dan x gosok gigi pun
die yg x penah jauh dr sy

mereke yg sgt best kalo bersama kesemuanye..

benci sial pangai kau

bosan sial ngan pangai kau mcm ni..
ok..if u think im not exist in ur life then tell me from da beginning..
xde la aku ambek tahu sgt pasal kau..
membazir mase je..

kau kalo rase aku ni membebankan..bosan ngan pangai aku yg ntah pape ni..
ko ble bla awal2..
muak sial ngan pangai kau cani..

*ape pun yg aku ckp kat cni i cant deny one thing dat..i just cant stop loving,care bout u..
but wut u did to me is so damn fuck

thank u

Sunday, June 27, 2010

when we meet

last nite was a blast..
buat julung2 kalinye ye..
sy lpk kat lua umah time mlm sampai kol 5.. maksodkan ye..

sy mmg ank abah..
so..abh x bg kua mlm..
jd sy x kua..
if nk kua..abh sti kenal org tu..
if not..
i dont think i can make it..

tau x kite kua ngan sape..
ye..setelah sebulan x ketemu..
it was blast la..

lpk kat TC..
ok..for those who r not from kuantan..TC mean Telok Chempedak..
pastu abes sume org kene ngumpat ngan kitorang..
jgn x tau ye dkt kuantan ni ade RASHMUNAH..
bukan reshmonu...haha

seriously we were like crazy people out there..
thanks 4 da day n nite..
n2..kitorang tgk Toy story..

dis will be our so called last time we went out b4 we r doing our practical..
huhu..since he will doing his practical at kb..
best je dpt kua2..
really miss dat moment la buddy..

wut else..
just dat i think..
later ill update more..
the spirit of blogging is just arrive..
x tau la bape lame tahan..

k la..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

kenderaan awm plg canggih kat muke bumi ni

oh ktm...
kepantasan mu buat ku teruje

ketepatan mase mu buat ku sgt bahagia..

keaslian mu buat ku sungguh mencintai mu..


do somthing wif ur system biatch..
u know wat..
let me tell u story..

i wait dis train 7.30 pm..
n u know only when this bitch come..
ye time kaseh..9.10..
dgn org yg ramai cam celake..
aku yg kerdel ni terpakse la berebut2..
da best part...
ko da la lembab cam siput babi yg ade penyakit kusta..
pastu ko rosak pulak..
ko suruh kitorang tunggu da nex train kat salak selatan..
ye...ko sgt bijak..

wut makes u more suck is..
to wait another train is like..
damn fuck bitch..
sy da lame x mencarut kat karpet yg suci sesuci embun pagi kat taman gelora kuantan tuh
tp anda tlh memakse sy..

ye sy tau anda nk mengekalkan tradisi ktm yg sgt melayu tuh
tp tlg la wei..
ko kalo nk kekal sgt..ko kekal la sensorang..
org len da ngan bullet train..
die sebok lg nk pakai keretapi arang die tuh..
cam siot bodo..

carut lame 2 pun cam x de gune..
baek la kite bersolat dan memohon keampunan dr nye ...
kesialan telah melanda sy semalam..
kalo sy taip ni semalam la kan...
mmg 14 pages pun xabes mencarut..

kpd ibubap yg ank2 die lwt blog sy..
sila jg anak anda dgn laras bhs yg sy gune kan..
siriusly u like fuc*...

time kaseh

Friday, June 18, 2010

blast day..

new skin...
cantek ke tidak...

where am i now?

at my friend's house..
ha..gempak x name ko ade kat blog no 1 tanah air..(ha..azwan ali pun klh)

sy ade interview kat dis one place..
apemende name company tu tah..
jap2 nk ingat jap..
ha...aliran cipta...
da company was cute..(cute?...apemende aku carut ni)
ok da best word is...cantek..

the kerani was some kind like diva..tanye azim n fizan..
the mira was there...(wakaka)
dis gurl lg la diva nye...ngan skirt die..ditambah tudung yg manis tuh...haha
jgn marah ye..

the bos was some kind like funny(haha)
the interview was funny plus full of lied ok..
(where do u live)...
the answer from me...(tu kat dpn tu)
wakaka...kat dpn tu da la stadium...ntah celah mane aku duduk pun x tau..
tahi kucen tol...haha

anyway..hope sy dpt ctu..
tp kalo x dpt x pe la kan..
jgn berkecel hati bk kate en bos tuh..

ok...kalo sy dpt kat shah alam ni kan..
actually mana mau duduk..
ade sesape ade umah..
bg la jejaka manis ni tumpang berteduh...ache2..

mlm nye tau x ape yg telah kami(azim,fiza,mira,dee,cami,diza) tlh lakukan..
ye...toy story 3..sgt klaka..
it was so memorable..
sirius...korang yg da tua..i mean besar..not dat besar ok..maksud ku da berusia..
ye da best word..
patut tgk ni..
full of fun n sad though..
just tgk pulak aku nk bukak sinopsis kat cni..
nk byr la 11 hengget..

ok...lps tgk cite tuh..
kitorang pun pegi la ict..
die ingat cantek la psg lampu merata2 camtuh..
ok la..cantek la ckit..
yg x phm nye nk msk byr sengget..
nk byr bil lampu ke...haha
x kesah la..yg jdkan best sbb g ngan kwn2 sy..
pastu ditambah pula berjumpe dgn en. kechique yg dirindui..
ye sy rindu awk ye...haha

pastu terpakse pulang kerna..omg...da kol 11.58..
ache..dramatik x...padahal ble je ckp kol 12 kan2..
kitorang kene anta fizan pulang..
nnt fizan bertukar...atttaaaa...
haha was such a blast..
cume kalo ditambah adenye si manis finas, si comey acap, dan si manje ijat...wakaka
pasti lebey menarik....huhu
tp mereke tiada...huhu
terpakse la si manis seceria mentari juni haikal ni meriuhkan suasana hening ituh..

kpd parent2 yg terlibat..
sy minx maap ye sbb kidnap ank2 makcik dan pakcik lame sgt..

ok la...taip lame2 ni ble buat kuku terseliuh..
nk urut jap..hehe

k la..
nnt kite taip2 lg..
suke la tuh kite update blog...haha

kpd abg ajib dan kakakku...
time kaseh kerna benarkan ku tumpang berteduh dirumah mu...huh
touching betol ayt nih...

k la..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

kegembiraan kembali

im back...

week of happiness...
i luv dis weekk
my sis wedding
it was blast..

second my beloved fwens came..
suke sgt...
sgt epi bile diorang dtg n help my family..
it was fun

dpt jumpe mohamed asyraff..
n hd fun sgt2..
xpecially part naek motor..

ym ngan annuar basharudin hari2 kot..

x tau la kan..
rasenye sbb dpt shopping..

sy rase cam nk update blog ari2...
tp cam mls nk taip
abes cane..
mule la nk upah org suh rakam my daily life kan..
kenkonon nye cam reality tv la ...
ala cam kimora life in fab lane..
ha..kan sng..
untung2 msk channel E


sy rase cam nk mkn durian la
sedap sial dpt belasah 14 bj durian time2 cani
ditambah pule minum pepsi blue...

my feveret drink da kembali..
pepsi blue is back..
aku bli 6 botol kot kat carefour alamanda ni ha..
rindu pepsi blue..
kan annuar kan..
tp kwn2 name die pepsi gol..

jgn lupe beli..
amboi sjk menjadi duta pepsi ni i sebok ckit dgn konsert jelajah sna sini..

beli au..
tanda korang support pepsi..
im pepsiholic not cokeholic..
fizan...ko duta coke..

k la..
nk cuci mate jap..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bila mana

when the good thing seems to disappear

when theres nothing left 4 me

when time wont heal

when people start blaming

when i really need

when i..................dying

Friday, May 14, 2010

my luv

i cant stop writing..
dats da fact..

so im back..

da reason im writing now is to let them know..

missing u like crazy here..
n just want u to know dat u r one best thing ever happened in my life..
every minutes with u always full with happiness
i am so thanks to god coz let me know u n b ur friend
i am missing u so much here...
thanks coz give me da chance to baiki myself..
thanks for always care bout me
thanks coz never want me to look bad with my misai, hair n all..
thanks coz u never want people to talk bad thing bout me..
thanks coz teach me something dat so berharge which is friendship..
lots of thing i learn from u..thanks best buddy
sangat syg kamu.

u really means a lot to me..
not seeing u next sem really make me sad..
dont forget me coz ill never forget u
thanks sbb thn ngan pangai i yg trok ni..
for sure...i really going to miss u a lot..lot..n lot..
thanks coz x penah berkire ngan i
thanks coz u always there 4 me..
thanks 4 da part u not going back home early just to teman me sampai i blk..i cry when i think bout dats..
u r so nice..sgt..i miss u already...
thanks kechique..
sgt syg kamu.

wuteva happen to me u always there 4 me..
theres nothing dat i never share with u..
thank coz x ramai yg ble thn ngan aku ni..
thank coz always notice when sumthing when wrong..
thanks sbb selalu nk blanje aku mkn time aku x de duet..
thanks sbb x penah suh aku byr blk..huhu
thanks coz u always trust me..
thanks sgt2
sgt syg kamu.

dis sem i think we r getting close..
thanks 4 wut u did to me last sem..
thanks coz so cared bout me xpecially da part when u want to rent a car n pick me up at gopeng..sgt terharu
thanks coz always support me
thanks coz u always make me feel better
thanks sbb slalu wat i pikir da best thing to do
sgt syg kamu.

maybe we were no longer spending time together dis sem..
but believe me..i always blaming degree thing 4 wut happen to us..
i just want u to knoe..
there will be nobody dat going to replace ur place deep in my heart..
although u left all of us starting nex sem but ur place will remain da same..
missing u..
sgt syg kamu.

thanks sbb always care bout me..
thanks 4 da part dat u n ijat teman i mkn kt dm u..
thanks coz always realise when sumthing when wrong..
thanks coz always help me xpecially when it come to perspective..
thanks coz always call me to wake me up
thanks sgt2..
sgt syg kamu.

u r really like my sister..sgt
thank 4 dat
thanks coz u always show me the good did
thanks coz u always lend some money too..
thanks ijat 4 being such a great motivator..hehe...
thanks for dat evening too..
sgt syg kamu.

u r so crazy..
thanks coz being such a cool n fun person
thanks sgt2 coz u did so much 4 our grouping work(es)..
thanks coz u always make me feel happy..
thanks 4 all ur jokes n all dats lucahs2 thing...haha..i learn so much..
thanks sgt coz being such a good dr love..
sgt syg kamu.

in uitm i only hv 4 best boy friend..
u r one of them..just want u to know dat..
thanks coz u always,always lend ur money..
u r such a good boy n care person..
thanks coz u do always make me feel like i have a brother..
thanks 4 dat nite azim..u r such a good person..thanks sgt2 coz tmn aku..
sgt syg kamu.

we just know each other..
but to b truth..
i always feel like u r my big brother..
thanks coz being dat..
thanks 4 willing to drive to cameron n gv me the chance to go to cameron..
thanks sbb x kasi aku blk aritu..
thanks coz u like a guardian for all of us..hehe
sgt syg kamu

all dis people really make me happy..
sgt syg kamu sume...sgt...

luv u guys ever....

Thursday, May 6, 2010


thanks 4 all da memories..
thankx 4 being part of my past..
thankx 4 everything

Monday, April 19, 2010

posting sumthin

when u cant feel it anymore


ok..tunite maybe a little bit awkward..

i donno y..
im lost..
sumthin happen wif me lately..

maybe its hard..

i missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss u

but it is not possible..

let by gone b by gone..

sumtime i feel like..
everybody try to deny me...

dats all

Thursday, April 15, 2010

at last

submission day...
at last..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

it just a simple word

dis will b our last project 4 dis sem which is design a hotel.
since this is da last project i need to double up my effort since museum project so like fuc*ing dam* shi*..

wish me luck..
although im so not into dis project..

lately too many things happened around me n it causes so much pain..
really make me sick..

fuc* up..

too many rude word...
sorry then..
it just by saying those word it such a release people..

no matter wut dis final project will lead me to practical..
so need to work hard then..
just another 2 annoying weeks..
then everything will back to normal as is...

really need guidance..

be strong,

Monday, March 22, 2010

dot is noktah

sumtimes i just miss my old times...
where it all begin...

when peoples seems dont understand me
so do i..

i lost on my way to find the right path for myself..
just let it all flow till i find the right way..

be strong,

Friday, March 12, 2010


mood: not so blogging

at da same time tgn ni still gatal nk menulis..
ha gasak....


Thursday, March 11, 2010


time ni i tgh presentation sbenarnye..
tp cam penat je da x tau nk wat pe so kite taip2 la kan..

anyway presntation is suck..

Monday, March 8, 2010


feel like want to carut2 some1 but no mangse la..

good to know that im already submit all da assignment..
x kesah la ok ke x..
da best part is da submit..

sy suke sebnanye update blog tp tu la..
banyak sgt assignment smpai da xde mase nk bukak internet ni..
anyway da ade peluang mule la xde stori..

pe kate kalo i tanye korang pe yg korang nk bc..
then i write it..

ha...ok x?

my point is..
i dont have any point..


Friday, March 5, 2010

id n friends

life as interior designer is like no life at all..
but the no life give me a new experience of new life dat 4 me so much precious..

how can u handle 4 submission in one whole week
n those requires u to stay up till moning then went straight to class without ever sleep..
ok maybe i do have sleep...but it just around 1 hour ok..
but it still ok 4 me

u know wut..
anything u do will be great no matter how hard it is if u have somebody who close wif u 24/7
seriously, although i do complaining here n there...
n sorri lect coz dis whole week u guys name always pop out...sorri...
but it still doest matter
coz the moment i share wif my greatest person is so much precious..i mean so much n much

thanks 'best buddy'

the point is...
no matter how hard the time is, appreciate it if u wif the one u happy wif..
love the fact dat u have no life wif id but the no life give u a new life of sumthing dat much precious..

Friday, February 19, 2010

carut ngarut karut

sometime people do change
but most of da time people cant change as they just cant

i can b whoever i want to b but da best thing to do is just b me as who i am..
i do have lots of disadvantages..i mean lots..
but dats me..

apemende sku mencarut ni..
gile geli bulu cek keti ni ha..
lantak la..

esok blk uitm perak yg gile best boom boom ke babo tuh..
jumpe lg lauk yg konon2 sedap tu yg jual kat tp bank islam tu(uptown)..daa.
jumpe lg makhluk bj biru yg konon2 ensem yg dok kat tpi pokok2 cantek konon tu kt entrance tuh..
gile syok kan..
pastu lukis2 ats marjerin paper..
pastu warne2 gune marker yg gemok cam preganant 8 bulan tuh yg konon2 selese la agknye die cipta gemok camtu..
syok abes la..

pastu bersiar2 setiap pag dr bidara ke fspu yg konon2 nye sgt dkt yg kirenye kalo jln tuh cek keti ni x berpeluh la...konon la kan..

anyway uitm do have its own advantages like..


ape yek..

da jumpe da..
pasar ari selasa..

yg laen kene piker lg..
lantak la..
janji aku kene submit 4 aribulan..

yeay...gile seronon kan kwn2 submission day..
serono x terkire yg kirenye best die cam dpt gi australia jln2 ngan geng artemasia..
gile best..

best kepale otak..
cam celako...

da la..
aku nk g beli margerin paper nih..
nk tempah x..
ah x payh..
g beli kat kiosk yg konon2 nye best sgt cam cold storage la konon nye tuh..


Sunday, February 14, 2010

itu ini itu

trip ke langkawi was da best trip ever...
who agree wif me..

anyway...if u dont agree then back off...
u r not part of id part 4..

it was great..
mayb we cant have that kind if trip anymore
so im really glad that i had it..

sgt cintakan artemasia

Monday, February 1, 2010

sy sudah berpunye dan mempunyai

juni haikal da ade laptop...

suke sgt..
ive got my macbook...
anyway thanx papa n mama..
anyway arini besday mak kite..
jom kite nyanyi..
epi besday to mama
epi besday to bunda
epi besday to ibu
epy besday kak zah...

may god bless u always..
luv u...

3.2 ni batch kitorang g langkawi..
kite suke wak...

apepun kan...
kite suke sbb ni post pertama kite ngan abg macbook ni...

so agk teruje..

tu je la...
sy syg lappy saye..

menggatal bersama photo booth

di eiffel tower ok

cubaan kedua

naek roller coaster nih

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pabila id department menjengah stesyen TV

smabil kunyah2 jambu...
ku gagahi jari2 ini utk menaip blog..

when dis sem started..
too much drama happened..
how come..
maybe sbb drama is part of id life kot..

first kite tlh melalui drama2 degree yg pd sy sgt lyk utk diisi dlm slot akasia kat tv3 tuh
ye la...
cam sedey la kan since we all in dis together ~lalal~...ha...kan da nyanyi..
xde la...just cam terase kehilangan la..
anyway yg apply tu tahniah...
korang deserve la mende tuh...n gud luck..
kpd kakak kesayangan kuh..
nur afizan sikandar bacha...omboih...spelling betol x jijan...wakaka
gud luck..
we all support u..
n for the rest yg amek degree tu jugak...gud luck..
kami warge diploma..cehhhh...akan menyokong anda..
jgn pedulik kan pe org nk ckp psl degree2 thingy ni...
korang layak...
dan kpd aku..
*sambil mate merenung tpt ke lantai...cehh
rajin la ckit ye sem nih...
jgn mls2..

ok...kite da tgk slot akasia..
ayuh kite beralih ke slot seram jumaat...
ha ni la die...yg dijanjikan x dpt...yg diharapkan berciciran..hey pepatah ngarut ko nih..
dis sem skali lg...
ye studio ku x de air cond tetatpi studio MEREKA yg suke bersilat bagai sume tuh dpt lak kan..
oppss...x mention mane2 part ok...
kalo terase alhamdulillah...kalo x terase tuh inallillah la..da x lame la tuh..
x kesah pun kalo x dpt air cond pun..
tp cam x adel la kan..
wateva la korang...
korang kan yg plg terbaek-meletop-gempak-indah-sume bagai la kan..

ayuh kite saksikan pula drama slot samarinda..
ye...i x dpt kolej lg...
tp seb bek la kwn i yg sorang tuh die dpt kolej pastu die nk dok lua..
so die bg la katel+locker+visa menetap kat i yg merempat die tanah terbiar perak ni ha..
so dpt la..
sorang lg kwn i ni x dpt lg..
jgn dok lua tau...
kalo die x dpt by next week...i bw sume sultan yg ade kt muke bumi allah nan indah permai ni dtg menyerang encik tuuuuttttttwutthefuck....

kite beraleh pulak ke drama slot ketawa x ingat..
ye 7.1 aritu genap la diriku 17 taun di muke bumi nih..
ha...pahal pandang 3,4 kali...betol la.,.
pastu konon la kan..
kwn2 i ni lupe..
konon la..
pastu mlm tu diorang blg i ngan i pisang yg busuk yg bau cam celaka-lahabau-busuk-xgune-sumela yg busuk kat dunia nih...
pastu i pun cm lari2 ank la kan..
pastu blk bilik...
satu lg la drama terjadi..
konon la roomate i lupe...
jap gi ajk gi toilet..
tau2 je telor meletus dikepale sambil tepung bercucuran ke ladang gandum..
n2...acap pun record...
tau la korang..
anyway thanks...
sy syg kamu sume...
n 4 da big suprise i dpt hamster n ehem2...

n rasenye nnt la i sbg blk...
tgn ni da gatal nk mendrawing nih...

sebelum ku undur diri...
izinkan ku berpatun sejemput due...
pergi kedai membeli lada,
mebeli lada dgn kerusi rotan,
kalo tuan org yg mengada,
kenapa saya comel..

ye sila jawab...