Sunday, August 30, 2009

wut happen actually?

wut it is like when
1. u arrived at kl sentral at 1am then u found out dat ur fwens really important thing lost only at 3 am.
2. when u need to find sumbody to ask bout it at 3 am
3. when u cant find anybody who incharged bout dis thing
4. when u see ur fwens face very upset of wut happened but pretend nothing happen.
5. when u need to wait till 6 am to ask bout it
6. when u find a person incharged suddenly pretend like nothing happen(but he must at least know wut to do)
7. when the police there want u to leave dat kl sentral.
8. when u need to find a restaurant to rest
9. when u wait till 7 am to find ur fwen ticket at kl sentral and the answer is..sold out
10. when u need to think 4 a solution
11. when u run here n there with ur best fwen(d n acap)
12. when u need to wake ur best fwen early in da morning although u knew dat it will disturb ur fwens sleep(sorry fizan n mira..hehe) just to ask them to find a ticket 4 ur fwens.
13. when u need to go to pudu to find tickets
14. when u knew dat pudu doesnt sell ticket to kelantan
15. when u need to go to pekeliling
16. when u knew pekeliling also doesnt sell ticket to kelantan
*so where the hell dis ticket being sell.
17. when u knew dat it is sell at putra
18. when u ran to dat putra.
*at dis moment already 11 am
19. when u reached there u need to run here n there to find a bank n dat bus stop
20. yea!!!!at dis moment...theres last dpt jugak tiket..
21. when u find da ticket u run again with ur fwen(d and acap again to pavi)
22. when u watch a movie with them
23. when u really had a good time then
24. when u feel dat kepuasan after help ur fwen
25. when u need to run again to kl sentral to left ur fwens n u need to take a train to serdang.
26. when u need to face dat sedeh2 moment to left ur fwens after wut happen
27. when u feel like u want to stay with them until acap n d really take their way back home.
28. when u really miss all ur fwens suddenly
29. when u feel a moment of having a buka puasa at home
30. when u knew ur fwens safe at home

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............gile best...all dis happen only in a day
dis moment x kan ku lupekan sampai bile2..
thanx d n acap n amirul too 4 being with me during dis time..

dats all...hehehe