Monday, March 22, 2010

dot is noktah

sumtimes i just miss my old times...
where it all begin...

when peoples seems dont understand me
so do i..

i lost on my way to find the right path for myself..
just let it all flow till i find the right way..

be strong,

Friday, March 12, 2010


mood: not so blogging

at da same time tgn ni still gatal nk menulis..
ha gasak....


Thursday, March 11, 2010


time ni i tgh presentation sbenarnye..
tp cam penat je da x tau nk wat pe so kite taip2 la kan..

anyway presntation is suck..

Monday, March 8, 2010


feel like want to carut2 some1 but no mangse la..

good to know that im already submit all da assignment..
x kesah la ok ke x..
da best part is da submit..

sy suke sebnanye update blog tp tu la..
banyak sgt assignment smpai da xde mase nk bukak internet ni..
anyway da ade peluang mule la xde stori..

pe kate kalo i tanye korang pe yg korang nk bc..
then i write it..

ha...ok x?

my point is..
i dont have any point..


Friday, March 5, 2010

id n friends

life as interior designer is like no life at all..
but the no life give me a new experience of new life dat 4 me so much precious..

how can u handle 4 submission in one whole week
n those requires u to stay up till moning then went straight to class without ever sleep..
ok maybe i do have sleep...but it just around 1 hour ok..
but it still ok 4 me

u know wut..
anything u do will be great no matter how hard it is if u have somebody who close wif u 24/7
seriously, although i do complaining here n there...
n sorri lect coz dis whole week u guys name always pop out...sorri...
but it still doest matter
coz the moment i share wif my greatest person is so much precious..i mean so much n much

thanks 'best buddy'

the point is...
no matter how hard the time is, appreciate it if u wif the one u happy wif..
love the fact dat u have no life wif id but the no life give u a new life of sumthing dat much precious..