Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bila mana

when the good thing seems to disappear

when theres nothing left 4 me

when time wont heal

when people start blaming

when i really need

when i..................dying

Friday, May 14, 2010

my luv

i cant stop writing..
dats da fact..

so im back..

da reason im writing now is to let them know..

missing u like crazy here..
n just want u to know dat u r one best thing ever happened in my life..
every minutes with u always full with happiness
i am so thanks to god coz let me know u n b ur friend
i am missing u so much here...
thanks coz give me da chance to baiki myself..
thanks for always care bout me
thanks coz never want me to look bad with my misai, hair n all..
thanks coz u never want people to talk bad thing bout me..
thanks coz teach me something dat so berharge which is friendship..
lots of thing i learn from u..thanks best buddy
sangat syg kamu.

u really means a lot to me..
not seeing u next sem really make me sad..
dont forget me coz ill never forget u
thanks sbb thn ngan pangai i yg trok ni..
for sure...i really going to miss u a lot..lot..n lot..
thanks coz x penah berkire ngan i
thanks coz u always there 4 me..
thanks 4 da part u not going back home early just to teman me sampai i blk..i cry when i think bout dats..
u r so nice..sgt..i miss u already...
thanks kechique..
sgt syg kamu.

wuteva happen to me u always there 4 me..
theres nothing dat i never share with u..
thank coz x ramai yg ble thn ngan aku ni..
thank coz always notice when sumthing when wrong..
thanks sbb selalu nk blanje aku mkn time aku x de duet..
thanks sbb x penah suh aku byr blk..huhu
thanks coz u always trust me..
thanks sgt2
sgt syg kamu.

dis sem i think we r getting close..
thanks 4 wut u did to me last sem..
thanks coz so cared bout me xpecially da part when u want to rent a car n pick me up at gopeng..sgt terharu
thanks coz always support me
thanks coz u always make me feel better
thanks sbb slalu wat i pikir da best thing to do
sgt syg kamu.

maybe we were no longer spending time together dis sem..
but believe me..i always blaming degree thing 4 wut happen to us..
i just want u to knoe..
there will be nobody dat going to replace ur place deep in my heart..
although u left all of us starting nex sem but ur place will remain da same..
missing u..
sgt syg kamu.

thanks sbb always care bout me..
thanks 4 da part dat u n ijat teman i mkn kt dm u..
thanks coz always realise when sumthing when wrong..
thanks coz always help me xpecially when it come to perspective..
thanks coz always call me to wake me up
thanks sgt2..
sgt syg kamu.

u r really like my sister..sgt
thank 4 dat
thanks coz u always show me the good did
thanks coz u always lend some money too..
thanks ijat 4 being such a great motivator..hehe...
thanks for dat evening too..
sgt syg kamu.

u r so crazy..
thanks coz being such a cool n fun person
thanks sgt2 coz u did so much 4 our grouping work(es)..
thanks coz u always make me feel happy..
thanks 4 all ur jokes n all dats lucahs2 thing...haha..i learn so much..
thanks sgt coz being such a good dr love..
sgt syg kamu.

in uitm i only hv 4 best boy friend..
u r one of them..just want u to know dat..
thanks coz u always,always lend ur money..
u r such a good boy n care person..
thanks coz u do always make me feel like i have a brother..
thanks 4 dat nite azim..u r such a good person..thanks sgt2 coz tmn aku..
sgt syg kamu.

we just know each other..
but to b truth..
i always feel like u r my big brother..
thanks coz being dat..
thanks 4 willing to drive to cameron n gv me the chance to go to cameron..
thanks sbb x kasi aku blk aritu..
thanks coz u like a guardian for all of us..hehe
sgt syg kamu

all dis people really make me happy..
sgt syg kamu sume...sgt...

luv u guys ever....

Thursday, May 6, 2010


thanks 4 all da memories..
thankx 4 being part of my past..
thankx 4 everything