Wednesday, September 29, 2010

always missing u

coz u always there 4 me..
even in my worst or my best
dats y i luv u so much..


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a piece of forgiveness

ramdhn will lieave us just bout another 2 days from now.
n 4 sure kids out there r the happiest person on earth coz excited to celebrate eid. just remind me bout those days..
the day when eid is everything we were waiting 4 every year.
is not like now im not excited to celebrate it..
it just everything seems differ when my nanny not here anymore
starting from dat moment..eid is not like wut it used to be
i miss my wan(grannies) so much...
the way she talk..laugh..sit after finished her prayer..cooks..
i miss to scream at her when i arrived at kpg..
'wan....juni da blk...'
n i can see the happiness face from her face.

it has been 4 eid without her.
just miss her so badly

so..during dis month..
i just want to ask a forgiveness from all of u guys
everyone did a do i
especially my dearest friends
i dont have dat much friends..
but u guys who always stick with me.. just feel great to be surrounded by a group of people dat u luv the most

ijat: sori if theres any mistakes i did 2 u..haha..but u r kind..never mad at me..=)
u such a lovable friends..ok simply says..such a great sis..luv u..

amirah: hah..dont know y lately i miss u da most..y ha...haha..sori if theres any mistakes i did 2 wrong grammar usage, spelling..haha..joke2..ejek2 u ngan abg cami is
just a joke kayh..hehe.. u really sweet sis..

fizan: haha..u r one of my greatest company u know..haha..sorri if something i did make u mad
with last sem..not spending time with u..sorri 4 just sometimes i
i dont realise it..i hope u forgive me..n also at office..sometime i dont realise wut i did
was sorri k..sorri sgt2..kau selalu wat keje2 aku yg x siap tu kan..baek gile dowh
kau..sorri..bout everything la..sorri

adzain: hey u..big brother..i miss u la..hehe..sorri weh if something i did to u make u mad or
sad maybe..u r one of the kindest friend i ever met..tell me..who can send someone frm
Pj drive to gombak, bandr tun razak, putrajaya...u babe..u..thanks 4 being my brother.
n sorri bout everything happen in da past..should not be mention here kot..sorri coz
not spend more time with u b4..but wut i can say here..u r such a nice person..

diyana: haha...hey u..sori if i ever did wrong with u..sorri..sorri to say u fat or wut so eva
is just a matter wut will u be later on..i still one of ur best friend..sori bout
last sem..if i ever mad at u..sorri..n sorri coz always interrupting u sleep asked u to
accompanied me at uptown while im eating..sorri..i really luv to share my problems
with u..coz u r a good listener..thanks D

diza: i think i did so much wrong with u..but seriously i didnt mean it..u know one thing..u r
da kindest gurl i ever met..always know when im sad, not in mood n so on..sorri 4
everything..u did so much to me..practical, drive me to office, so much...i really appriciate
it..n sorri 4 everything la.. i know i did so much wrong with u..u r so kind kind..
sorri coz always burden u with my problems n all...sorri..sorri sgt2...just sorri..i dont think
i can pay back wut u did to me...sorri..thanks 4 being my caring2 friend..sgt hargai

acap: u...i miss u so much..sorri 4 everything dat happened between us last sorri..
sorri coz always make u mad with my attitude..sorri coz cant make it to do practical with
u..sorri coz being so bossy sometimes..u always be my best friend forever..sometime i just
wish i will not leaving uitm perak coz i dont know wut is like to not be with u..huhu
i just miss u..n sorri 4 evry single sorri..u...tq coz being one of my greatest friend
ever..i just missing u so much..u..even we r so far...i hope im so near with u...

cami: although i just know u better last sem...but i think it is long enough to know u..sorri 4
everything i did..sorri coz alway make u segan when we were hanging out...but to be
serious..i luv to make u segan...hehe..sorri...sorri coz always kacau2 u ngan mirah tu..
alah2...gurau2 kanak2 comel..sorri coz sometime i dont get it wut ur really condition at
every particular moment..hehe..sorri...n thanks 2 coz u never not replying my sms..

finas: hah..kau plg last..hehe...i just want u to know..i luv u so much2...sorri if i ever did wrong
to u...sorri...but i think...u r da one who really understand much...coz..not everyone
really understand me..thanks 4 dat...sorri if i ever hurt u...but i think..i never hurt u..hehe.
it just im so glad to knowing u..thanks coz u always there 4 me..thank u 4 being my best
partner n my best girlfriend..just thanks 4 wut u did..i miss u

kechique: awk..not being with u dis sem really hurt me da most..2 not be able looking 4 ur
health n condition make me so worries..but i know..u can manage urself well..awk
sorri if i ever did wrong with u.. i know...lots...u know sumthing...awk la kwn yg plg sbr
ngan sy..u never ever mad at me..nevr..n..u know wut to do if im not in a good mood..
thank 4 dat...sorri awk if im causing u so much a scale 1-10 4 a great friend..
u r 10...i mean 11..u r so nice to nice..layan je pangai2 ngarut sy...tq awk..sorri
coz i think i did so much wrong with u..but u nevr complaining apetah lg marah..never.
thanks coz being my best boyfriend...u teach me so much bout all dis life,..seriously..
without u realise it...i learn so much from u...thanks awk...sgt, sgt, sgt...

u guys r the reason y i still at dat gurun sahara,..
semoga Allah je yg ble bls sume yg korang da wat utk sy..
my pray is always with u guys..

so 4 dis raye...i hope i can become a better person..
i just want to be muhammad juni haikal without pretending being someone else who im not.

korang sume..hope u guys enjoy raye ni.

i LOVE u guys

muhammad juni haikal adnan