Saturday, October 9, 2010


im back..

ok..last week i when to perak.. uitm..
oh i miss those uptown, la la land, studio n wutsoever lah
n the most..
yes of course..
im happy coz can meet my very2 best2 friend..
yess..its u...haha..u know who u r..
despite all the controversial creates by those stupid students..yes..u i means u..
PART 2..everything was fine..
n also minus those PA system probs..
i think everything ok..
i am touched when i know..
my friends..which is u lah..kechique garfield..had a barbeque just because i went there.
seriously im touched.
thanks 4 my old roomies..
syafiq, tojik,haikal, n those new friends..which is hakim(abg hannah montana),hemm...cant remember his name..but..die wat lawak plg best..haha
eh2...tq awk...terharu..hehe
beside...i can gather with all my besties..
although not complete..
yes..because acap!...yes u were not there..
n im mad at u...hehe
no lah..u trapped in a its ok..
after all...
good job PART 3...
just...i think u guys can do so much better..
maybe lack of cooperation between part...yes i know..u guys got no support from PART 2..
well...wut to do..
only fucker doing those fucking shit things kan..
so..sep sikit budak part 3...SEP!...hehe

wutever it is..
i miss to go back there..
i miss to stay awake till 7 am..just to chatting with my besties..
i miss u lah..

i think dats all lah..
i want to pray!...hahha


juni haikal adnan


BUGAT (it means Budak Gatal) said...

rindu me?.. huhuhu..


Muhammad Juni Haiqal said...

if u think dats u..well it is u...
rindu lah sume2...haha